Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Evidence of God

There are many things in science (such as gravity) we accept sight unseen -- if there is measurable and demonstrable evidence for their existence.

The evidence for God is not measurable nor demonstrable (by any agreed-upon method). To some, that means the evidence does not exist, so by extension, God does not exist.

For those who have heard God's "voice in my head" or experienced some other "Godly" event, the lack of measurable and demonstrable evidence for there being a God is no longer the only consideration. The experienced event becomes evidence -- of something -- for that person.

It may turn out to be evidence of a brain tumor, someone slipping LSD into their sugar, or of a God. Some causes can be converted from subjective to objective (like a brain tumor). Some will forever have to remain subjective (like my 1968 LSD trip -- or God).

Friday, June 02, 2006

Is God our "Father"?

Jesus taught us to call God 'Father'. Was He wrong?

Certainly not. We just need to keep things in perspective. Jesus anthropomorphized our Creator as a "father" to make it easier for us to relate. A father (to humans) is (ideally) a male alpha who loves, protects and provides for his offspring. This is the image Jesus wanted us to have of God.

However, being a spirit without gender, God is more accurately an "It" than a "Him". He may be considered a spiritual "father", but He is neither male nor female, nor has he ever been a physical father. He is a spirit and we must worship Him in spirit.

He is our "father" in that from Him we have life. In Him we are nurtured and disciplined. We trust Him to care for us with His love and wisdom. In other words, we rely upon Him to be to us as a good father should be to his children.

I had a wonderful, loving father. This makes it easy for me to pray, "My Father, who art in Heaven". Unfortunately, there are human fathers who are real bums. This taints the word "father" in their children's minds. Such children may find it easier to honor their Creator by thinking of Him (It) as their Lord, God, Great Spirit, Mother, etc., rather than "father".