Monday, November 27, 2006

"... the soul of man never dies."

For most people, "life" after death translates to "continued awareness" after death. Or, as the old song stated, "... the soul of man never dies".

Until recently, this was a concept for which there could only be a supernatural explanation. Today, we know that thought, memories, and (probably) consciousness is the result of energy. While we do not yet have the ability to preserve the energy patterns that make Dick and Jane who they are, we expect such patterns exist. The awesome detailed mapping, storage and retrieval of such a complexity is far beyond our (present) abilities, but the possiblity is certainly conceivable.

Could it be the Creator "remembers us" (stores our program) when we die -- and retrieves it later? As we understand it, energy cannot be destroyed, so could this give new meaning to "... the soul of man never dies"?