Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Narrow Gate

As we know, most believe the "narrow gate" that "few find" is the hearing and believing in Christ. Yet, since most humans never had, have, or will have that opportunity, it means they will fail due to their ignorance. I find this both horrible and incomprehensible -- especially when the consequence appears to be so harsh.

I've wondered if that narrow gate IS Christ, but not in the way so often preached. Perhaps it's the Spirit of Christ that all humans can accept or reject -- even if they've never heard his name.

Perhaps the Creator breathed that Spirit into our species alone.

Perhaps, uniquely among all lifeforms, that Spirit enabled us to discern good from evil -- and choose one over the other.

Perhaps, also uniquely among all animals, we were given the ability to deny our selfish animal instincts for the sake of others.

Perhaps Christ's sacrifice demonstrated the love we're expected to have for others.

Perhaps denying ourselves and following his example of self-sacrificial love for others is what "accepting" him really means.

Perhaps that self-denying, self-sacrificing love is evidence of Christ's spirit working in a person -- whether he or she has ever "heard the Gospel" or not.

Perhaps our choice to follow that Spirit's lead is a choice to follow Christ, whether we'ver ever heard the name "Jesus" or not.

Perhaps the few who DO manage to overcome their selfish instincts and love others as they love themselves are the ones who truly follow Christ.

And finally, since so few will deny themselves in such a way, perhaps THAT is the small gate and narrow road to being a sheep on Judgement Day instead of a goat. (For as much as you've done it for the least ...)

Perhaps this would level the playing field much better than having to "know and accept Christ as your Savior".

Perhaps this would make Christ more of an equal-opportunity Savior.

Perhaps I'm just an old dumb Okie who's spent too much time in the sun.