Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm old, part of the time.

I’m old, part of the time.
I’m old, when I know I’m old – when my body and my mirror remind me. I’m old when I see that I'm no longer seen, and admit it’s because there’s not much left to see. I’m old when I realize it’s no longer a choice when there’s no longer a chance (if you know what I mean). I’m old, when I’m awake and aware.
But, sometimes I drift. Sometimes, I day-dream. Sometimes, I night-dream. During those times, when I’m deep inside myself – way deep -- I’m not old. I'm what I've been most of my life (which wasn't old). I’m running somewhere, doesn't matter where. I’m looking back to see her looking back at me. I'm torturing my guitar with a no-name demonic lead, the notes of which I'll never remember and those around me will never forget. I'm shooting my guns and hitting my targets. I'm pedaling my bicycle down steep hills and feeling the wind in my face. I'm maxing my motorcycle out at one-thirty and feeling the wind in my face. I’m right on the verge of being a hero, because I believe I will be if the need arises. I’m not old. I’m like I’ve always been.
But, I’m old when I'm awake and aware.
I'm old, part of the time.