Saturday, September 03, 2005

How Do I Worship?

The following was written by a man who respects Christ but has little respect for the teachings of "Christianity". I only know him as "SonofJames".

"How do I worship? With my feet and hands, as I walk up to the counter at the grocery store and hand the clerk the money for the items laying in front of some dear soul that looks tired and holding on to the rope with all they've got. I usually spot them getting out of their transportation (which isn't much) and I watch them as I shop -- and then I make their day!

Yesterday, after leaving Walgreens, I stopped to fill-up the tank and there -- at the next pump, was a dear old couple in their late 70's (at least, maybe older) -- in a worn-out car. I commented on how nice the cool rain was and he smiled and asked me how I was doing. This old guy could hardly stand up as he fiddled with the pump handle (and he's asking me how I'm doing), so I asked him if he'd allow me to pump his gas for him while sat in the car with his wife and he said that would be nice, but that he'd just have to get out again (no easy task) and go inside to pay. Just as I was going to insist that he let me pump his gas and pay for it, his wife asked him if he thought the $5.00 dollars worth would get them to the doctor and back home again and that's when I took charge of the situation and insisted he get back in the car (which he did) and I filled the tank ($28.00) and paid for it and then visited the wife on her side of the car and handed her $37.00 dollars (all the cash I had) and told them to use it wisely! They had tears in their eyes as I walked back to my truck just as the pump stopped (had it set on slow fill) and saw that my big ass tank had consumed $63.00 in gas -- and then I cried!

Then I come home to find my wife in tears as she reads about a homeless lady with 5 children -- that found a deputies brief case that had been misplaced and it contained several valuable items -- along with $800.00 dollars in cash! And she returned it -- untouched! Yep, off we went to the Bank Of America -- to inquire about the fund that had been opened on her behalf (per the story) and to see about giving her a number of items that she could no doubt use (that we've had in storage for sometime).

This past Sunday morning, the wife and I were headed home after going out for a light snack (bagel and fruit) and some shopping, and spotted our 79 year old neighbor/friend (that lost his wife to cancer last year and is in questionable health himself), attempting to position a ladder on the side of his house so he could change the security lights. We turned around and pulled up to his house and I informed him (in no uncertain terms), that he was not to attempt to climb 14' up that ladder for any reason -- and reminded him of why my card (number) was on his refrigerator. We left his house about 3 hours later after doing chores that would have taken him a week!

As we pulled out of his drive, I spotted another friend/neighbor attempting to push his lawn mower (he has two bad knees -- to be operated on in October), cause his riding mower wouldn't start, so, I told him to have a seat on the porch and I'd cut the grass. He invited us to have lunch with him and my sweetheart stepped inside with him and they prepared lunch. Boy, was I ever ready for Sunday lunch by the time I finished that lawn and loading his rider into my truck to take to the shop Monday morning.

How do I worship? With my feet and hands!"

I included this here, because I believe the message is important. I also believe SoJ just may be one of those whom Christ invites in at Judgement Day because, "For as much as you did it for the least of my bretheren, you did it for Me."